Willie (was Alfie) Bromance And Recall.

13th August 2017.
Alfie, bromance and recall… Well there’s a bromance on the horizon between Alfie and my husband Colin Luke-Green which is a beautiful sight but it’s great for recall too.

Alfie doesn’t always come when his name is called but seems to respond to ‘come here’ (and the pocket full of treats help). We are all for positive reinforcement here and have always used it with success with our dogs.

Alfie responds really well to food and treats and like all dogs has his mischievous moments. On such occasions I’m very lucky to have my husband aka the ginga ninga version of Cesear Milan (friends description). Colin seem to have a dog aura and just knows what his furry counterparts needs (hence the bromance). This came in very helpful when Alfie spotted a cat and went all instinct, racing through the hedge after it (thankfully we are also very luck to have a double fenced 6ft+ perimeter, so he was safe on his jail break).

It took a few minutes of my husband calling Alfie before he returned to us and bless he knew he had been a numpy and came back tail in between legs, ears back and belly low, whimpering, suggesting he hasn’t always had a good experience with discipline. 😢😭 But that’s the good thing about positive reinforcement, yes he instinct bolted but he came back on recall almost straight away, even when he was scared!

So it was down on his level with treats and as soon as he came close it was cuddles, strokes and lots of ‘good boy’ cos lets face it the most important thing for a good relationship with a dog is trust, love and the want for them to return unconditionally.

💜💛love always wins💚💙20171022_172014.png

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