Shopping Disaster.

14th August 2017

Alfie has had a busy morning, first we went on a walk to the shops (to the tattoo shop, to get a tiny flamingo to match my sisters.) Maggie and Alfie sat outside with my husband Colin Luke-Green, looking faintly interested but a little disgruntled at the lack of treats and cuddles on arrival.

10 mins later we were off again, this time to pets at home to grab some wainwrights meaty pouches (cos lets face it every pooch deserves a meaty treat once in a while.) Well this is where the fun started…

First off all the wainwrights pouches started jumping off the shelf (obviously keen to get in Maggie and Alfie’s bellies) this attracted the deputy manager to our rescue, this in turn created an opportunity for lots of strokes and cuddles for the pooches while I tried to assured the said manager everything was fine ( this took a few minutes as by this time I was glowing a lovely blush colour) but back to shopping we went, leaving the assistant manager behind to get back to work (pretty sure he was just looking for pooches to cuddle though 😜.)

Anyway…4 steps, 20 seconds later and broken eye contact with Aflie, the leg raised… Well, it was the most massive wee ever, everywhere, even the height was impressive. Cue find mister deputy manager, again, while profusely apologising and turning red. Of course he took it in his stride (the manager that is!) Then commenced more stroking and cuddling of pooches, while the manager and my husband had a hilarious conversation about how it wasn’t really Alfie who peed on the floor but me, yeah, hilarious haha (exit me to find the poo bags.)

Anyway by the time I came back they were in deep conversation about Alfie and how the manager loves reading his little updates on the site. Could Alfie be famous?
I do love writing about Alfie, I sometimes worry the posts are too long or too often? I’m also aware too that Alfie is not the only dog in foster looking for forever homes.



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