14th August 2017.

Children… Alfie shares our house with some unsocialable, fragrance challenged, Neanderthals (in other words teenagers!) Who only come out their rooms to request food or money so this hasn’t posed any problems for Alfie who’s happy with the extra cuddles and having people that will sympathise with him when “It’s not fair “.

Like most families though we get visitors, even even when we close the blinds, lock the doors and try to pretend we aren’t home (darn those noisy dogs and their song of welcome). Now our extended family is a circus of people of all ages and weirdness and we can’t lock the doors forever, so our first little visitor came round in the form of our grandson today (yeah we are grandparents, all responsible n that, worrying ain’t it!) Anyway hes our 3yr old ginga ninga, carbon copy of his pops and full of fun.

So we had a few things on the ready to help Alfie to this transition, a long walk before the visit, a quiet calm, home and of course Peppa Pig on the tv for the miniature person. Well? You’re asking? Well, it went okay, Alfie was cautious and a little tense at first and preferred to give him a wide berth, choosing to sit next to my husband.

After about ten minutes he felt confident enough to move about and approach our grandson to say hello and as the afternoon progressed he relaxed further but it was very apparent that his past experiences with young children haven’t always been positive.

Now my husband and myself have always been vigilant where children and animals are together (not just dogs but all animals) as animals go on instinct and children are impulsive (mischievous cuddle monsters.) So where the animals and children go we follow.

Overall a successful first introduction but Alfie is definitely more relaxed around older children.


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