We Could Easily And Quickly Fall In Love.

13th August 2017


We could very easily (and quickly) fall deeply in love with Alfie (our foster dog). We got a lovely wakeup from him this morning, all full of cuddles and kisses (although our Maggie got the fright of her life as she was on her 3rd sleep #lovesherbed.

This is only Alfie’s 2nd day with us and he is such a character but like all dogs has a few minor indescretions. He’s very territorial, needs boundaries established quickly and an is opinionated little thing (think Victor Meldrue).

He uses grunts and growls for everything; eating, cuddling, toileting ,sleeping, rolling, playing (little weirdo…but always with his tail wagging) but if you didnt know the little fella all these verbal grunts and growls could be misunderstood.

However, the most strange thing he does is nibble! (We think it’s super cute. It definitely seems like a comfort thing,before bed and snuggling in for a sleep.) It’s like he’s muzzling his mother’s teat.He doesn’t break through the material just sucks and clicks.
Anyway early days here for Alfie but each day he comes more out of his shell and we see his personality shine

# he’s gonna be a cheeky little chap🐕🐕

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