We Survived The Weekend.

14th August 2017

We survived the weekend…

When Alfie came for his visit on Friday with his chaperone we were excited, a little nervous and super keen. To the point I’m sure we practically shoved his minder out the door (sorry Lisa). As we closed the door we lovingly looked around at our precious furry foster (who was walking through the hallway to the kitchen lifting his leg at every rug, doorway and piece of furniture.)

I continued to stare, opened mouth in awe, as he then proceeded to stop at the water bowl and drink ten gallons of water (pretty sure he was just refilling for his next phase of leg lifting) and he happily tottered through the rest of the bungalow to the garden, while also spreading his masculine scent.

On glancing over my shoulder I could see my husband frantically searching under the sink, collecting all the cloths, cleaning materials and deouderisers he could find and I’m sure he had a twitch in his left eye. While appraising his quick thinking our eyes met with the unspoken sentence of “shit, we can do this Yeah?” before my husband turned into captain clean on a mission.

And that’s pretty much how day one went, now don’t get me wrong Alfie is a male dog and it’s natural to scent but he’s also very bright. It didn’t take him long to learn we were not keen on his masculine fragrance everywhere (as we followed him round the house, nudging him everytime his leg lifted off the ground) and we are pleased to say he no longer does it indoors (outdoors is game on though).

Indeed the only time he pees indoors is when we discipline him, which is fine normally, but if he feels it’s an injustice he pulls a teenager/westitude huff and proceeds to stomp into the bathroom (yeah the bathroom lol) to promptly do the tiniest tiniest wee he can (as to prove his point but not be told off too much.) So I’m sure you can gather by now he’s a character!

So day one was interesting, by 8pm we were knackered, vegetating on the couch, with sleeping westie’s everywhere. I guess for Alfie it was a strange day too because the farts… OMG the farts, it was like a mix of something dead, with a hint of boy teenager feet and cabbage. I swear our eyes were not just watering but melting in our eye sockets.

Not that Alfie took ownership of the silent, deathly gases and carried on peacefully sleeping. Even Maggie, our little girl took herself outside, and I’m pretty sure as the walked past Alfie she grunted her disgust at him!

But we survived the weekend and each day (if not hour) Alfie comes out of his shell and shows what a super chap he is.

🐕💜🐕 #weloveAlfie💜🐕💜


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