Carried To Bed.

15th August 2017

Good morning, Alfie was so tired last night, my husband had to carry him to bed 🤣. It was a funny sort of night after we all got into bed, we got bedtime routines out the way. Nibbling, rolling, walking round in a circle ten times before then settling into the perfect spot. However the most satisfying thing is the sigh, you know what I’m talking about, that long, deep, I’m content, relaxed and happy sigh! I never tire of that noise.

So great night until…2 o’clock in the morning, now I’m pretty sure Alfie though Danereys Stormborn, Queen of the andals or whatever had arrived with her Dragon to peel his skin off and eat him whole, commence pandemonium. Huffing, puffing, barking, snorting (Think he might have some pig origins in there). Of course while all this was happening Maggie was trying to get back to sleep as she knows Danereys Dragon sleeps in the bed with us sometimes aka daddy snoring (sorry Colin Luke-Green). After half an hour or so had passed Alfie decided it was safe to come back to bed, avoiding, however, daddies side of the bed, of course. So I didn’t get any sleep for next two hours.

Squished between two dogs one under the blankets almost bonded in my skin (Alfie of course nom nom nomming away.) The the way I was lying to try and accommodate the pooches, I’m pretty sure even a professional acrobat would be impressed. Even I didn’t know I could bend that way.

I’m sure we have all been there, when your furry babies are sleeping on you but are so cute you don’t want to move as you’d wake them Yeah?
Even when you are snuggled in a duvet, with two furry furnaces as close as they can get and a partner trying to spoon and you are physically sweating buckets to the point you’ve lost 3 stone in water retention and your backs breaking due to the angle your spines at! But the cute fluffies are sleeping… Yeah, well 5 cups of coffee this morning to help me function (there’s the 3 stone water retention back) but two fresh faced, well rested pooches, sharing the love. While also nudging the back of my legs because they want another walk ☕🍵☕


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