Possession and Territory.

15th August 2017

Alfie has a pretty normal day today, with lots of walks, mixed in with hanging around the house as we’ve hoovered, tidied and caught up with life.

He strutted his stuff like a cool cat when both my sister’s turned up with kids in tow and ranked the noise and excitement up, but Alfie didn’t bat an eye, casually greeting the kids (youngest was 7years) and adults. I’m also very pleased to say his 2nd meeting with our grandson was great, Alfie was much more relaxed and even said hi with a kiss and cuddle.

We are slowly winning with the possession of the front door and correcting the barking and silly behaviour and can proudly say he has greeted the majority of visitors today at the door quietly and calmly.

However, his possession and territorial behaviour is still apparent with the garden and toys, so much so, that Alfie and my husband went head to head this afternoon over a toy. We have always taken Maggie’s toys and food from her, from a young age, sporadically. I know it sounds mean but to us it was important to do this as we do have small children visiting, and small children do snatch and take.

Sadly when Alfie was playing with a toy and my husband tried to take it, Alfie went all hulk and possessive. Well Colin Luke-Green wasn’t having that and the stand off began… Now westies are stubborn buggers and Alfie is a perfect example of stubbornness and it was a heated moment, that was until my husband flipped him onto his back into submission. Now I don’t recommend anyone does this, especially if you don’t know what you are doing, I certainly wouldn’t! But it worked…

Alfie yelped, from fright (I can totally assure you he was not hurt) and immediately went relaxed and submissive and my husband released him and claimed the toy as his (this all happened in under a minute). The next ten minutes my husband spent time playing with Alfie and the toy, only allowing him to play with it when it was given and taking it away when he wanted…and it worked! Alfie even left it when it was put in front of him and told “leave it” and they even moved onto leaving food until he was told he could have it 🤓😲😮

Well , this was another one of those moments where I sat in awe with my mouth open and unbelievably is hasn’t affected the relationship between Alfie and my husband, if anything it has strengthened it (See snuggle pics).20171022_180553.png20171022_180616.png20171022_180638.png20171022_180716.png

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