Big Hit.

16th August 2017

So it’s Wednesday and Alfie has settle well and been a big hit with everyone he has met and today has been no different and today he met our dog walker Ross, now if you have been following our posts about Alfie’s progress you will gather we go on lots of walks with the dogs anyways so you might be wondering why we have a dog walker.

We are all for taking the dogs with us where ever we go and get quite disgruntled when we find we can’t and indeed usually adapt family holidays and days out to places that do welcome dogs (I haven’t worked out how to get away shopping with them yet though, guess il have to stick with internet shopping).

Anyway there is the odd occasion where we can’t take our furry companions (Harry Potter world for example) and this is where our dog walker comes in because not only does he walk dogs but he also boards dogs in his family home, as a family pet and does day dog sitting if needed.

Now I’m very particular about where Maggie goes when we have to go away and personally I prefer dog boarding in a family setting to boarding kennels but we don’t go away often. In addition to this Maggie has been an only dog up til now and we wanted her to socialize with other dogs, hence she walks with Ross once a week, plus it’s great way to keep up the fab relationship they both have.

But today wasn’t just about meeting Ross, it was also a day to be left. Colin Luke-Green went back to work on Monday but as he works spilt shifts the dogs are only left for 30 minutes at a time and I don’t return to work for another 3 weeks. So we have started to leave him for 10 minutes at at time and as you can see from the photos he’s a window licker and door moper (Alfie that is not Colin).

All in all I think Alfie will be okay being left for short episodes and the face when you return…he smiles and I mean actually smiles, a huge great big wide smile and the hugs are amazing.


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