Giggles Of The Day.

15th August 2017

Alfie and the giggles of the day… It’s nearly bedtime and all is quiet, how about a a short post on what made us chuckle today?

1. Itching, we’ve all had that itch right? The one you just have to scratch Yeah? Well it’s the same for dogs, got an itch, scratch it. Now if I was a dog sitting in the garden in the sun and I got an itch I think I’d be looking at the luscious soft grass for a roll. Nope, not Alfie, who chose the weathered decking, not so bad you’re thinking, he’s fluffy what’s the problem… I’ll phrase the issue in my husband’s words (that he shouted across the deckin) “don’t itch on the decking Alfie, you’ll get a splinter in your sphincter” 😲

2. Names, (yeah the hubster started a conversation on what names he would pick for Alfie) As I eyes him suspiciously and waited he announced “Willie” and I had to ask why Willie? (I really wished I had not asked and instantly regretted it). Colin Luke-Green then began listing all the reasons why he had picked Willie… WARNING CHILDISH CONTENT WHICH MAY BE OFFENSIVE…

1. Wet Willie
2. I love my Willie
3. Hold Willie
4. Morning Willie
5. Free Willie

And the list is endless (he’s obviously thought about this alot) and he’s still going, im sure he’s just thrown out number 56 …Men… 🐕😜😲🐕


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