Morning To Myself.

17th August 2017

So I got a morning all to myself this morning, no kids, animals or husband in tow. Off to the shops I went at 10am, well by 11am I was sick, I’m not much of a shopper. Firstly I just like what a like and secondly I’m probably not as comfortable in my skin as I’d like to be, but heyho life’s too short and I did manage to buy two new toys , one for each of the doggies (sshhhh don’t tell the husband.)

Anyway by 11.30 I had convinced ‘wor lad’ Colin Luke-Green to join me for a coffee and sandwich at Costa (with Alfie and Maggie in tow obviously.) The weather was glorious, if not abit too hot for our furry companions but cool water was in good supply so all four of us commenced with the people watching…

I’m pretty sure Alfie and Maggie enjoyed the people watching as much if not more than us, as a barrage of people and pets stopped to say hi, complimenting us on our well behaved pooches and share some cuddles. Alfie strutted his stuff with a fluffy husky (well until he realised it was a male, then the flirting stopped almost immediately and turned Into vague interest.)

After coffee we continued on to visit the vets4pets cramlington at home (just a quick post op check for Alfie.) Now the nurse we saw was lovely and Alfie played the perfect injured soldier, even whimpering and gruffing on at any slight touch, so much so that she got the vet (also a Colin) to check him over too.

Well Alfie the little sod decided he wasn’t going to play for sympathy with the man and showed his pure perfect physically fit stance with delight as the nurse looked on in exasperation, apologising profusely to the vet for bothering him. Whoops…

The vet visit was followed by a thorough search of vet for pets to try and sniff out the deputy manager for treats, this if course was very successful, even though Alfie was being extra picky and only accepting meaty treats (cos fish is for cats and he ain’t no cat!).

So what are Alfie and Maggie up to now, well I think we’ve broken them… they haven’t moved for an hour, they have found a sun spot and are snoring their heads off, dreaming sweet dreams .


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