Whale Of A Time.

17th August 2017

Alfie has had a whale of a time at the beach this evening, although he’s not too sure of the waves, only going ankle deep.

The view was beautiful and the weather amazing, what could make it more perfect? Well watching the two little guys having a fantastic time of course. The beach could be described as doggy heaven, full of fresh air, wonderful smells, sand, water and lets not to forget a great place to socialise.

Now it took Alfie a few moments to take it all in and he wasn’t quite sure what to do with himself at first but he quickly came round. So much so we blew his mind by letting him off the lead for some of the walk, with pockets full of treats of course (pretty sure all my clothes smell of bacon and beef and I know all my pockets have treats in them without looking.)

Anyway back to off lead, I don’t suggest you let a dog off the lead unless you are pretty confident they will come back and the area is safe (obviously you’re thinking, but how did Alfie do?) Alfie did fabulously, we recalled him every few minutes with treats and it worked. Indeed there was only one indiscretion…a very pretty lady, a spaniel lady, a spaniel lady that Alfie took a fancy too, the little flirt.This was easy sorted though, Colin just had to go a collect him as the lady was much more interesting than a treat!

When we did get back to walking, Maggie made it her business to make sure Alfie was okay and the beach certainly is one of Maggie’s favourite places. She was very keen to show Alfie all the fun stuff you could do like running, wave jumping, rolling and of course digging…yeah digging…digging a nice deep hole so she could pee in it, little weirdo that she is!

So I guess beach visits are definately on the list of things Alfie loves and as an extra bonus it tired him out, so we now have two pampered pooches snuggled up on the couch snoozing happily and dreaming of beach visits.


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