18th August 2017

Cats… We’ve deliberately held off on this post as we wanted to give it a chance and even as we are nearly one week on with Alfie in our home it is still early.

Alfie and Pig (yes our cat is called pig!) have kept us on our toes, no real fault to either of them. Pig is a well seasoned dog loving cat, having lived and grown up with our family pets (a 10 stone rottweiler, sprocker, regular visiting poodle and of course Maggie) but there this little thing called instinct… That terrier breeding, ratting, chasing streak. Now there is nothing malicious about Alfie, he is a loving boy and this is no different. He’s very interested in Pig and wags his tail in excitement, but there’s the next thing excitement.

With a good quality honey ham you can get all the furry fiends together sharing the spoils and even a couple of kisses are shared but keeping it in a state of calm is tricky. Any movements made by Pig, however small, flicks the switch, the urge to chase takes over.

Like I said before Pig is a proffessional dog handler, normally. Standing his ground and sorting the pecking order has normally been straight forward for him. Alfie however is a noisy bugger, always making snorting and growling noises and Pig doesn’t know what to make of that.

So slow progress, but there is progress. Pig and Alfie have got some rules to sort in the way of territory and pecking order but we are not giving in. 🐕trust in me and I will trust in you🐕20171022_224243.png

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