Only A Week, Feels Like Forever.

18th August 2017

From 4pm today Alfie had officially been with us a week and what a week it’s been. It’s been full of high, lows, early mornings and suspicious smells. Today has been no different Alfie was is his element this morning when we got visitors (all ladies) and had his own little hareem and I’m pretty sure didn’t stop smiling. Myself and poor Lisa though were kept busy and on our toes (multiple counting, cos there was 7 of the little lovelies, happily prancing about.) We did manage to get a coffee eventually, even though I forgot to crack open the biscuits (bad host I am but I was slightly distracted.) 😳😏😀

We’ve also been to the beach again this evening for a short stroll but we got caught in the rain so Maggie and Alfie were abit put out. I think it’s really unfair however, that they looked at us like we’d planned the rain just to spoil their fun.

But there’s other things gone on in the background this week.. Like when I tried to put the foster lead cuff on Alfie’s lead and I’m pretty sure my husband made a sobbing noise, or every post I’ve put on I’ve had to have it passed through him first just incase I made Alfie out to be too adorable…

I mean I think most of us on the Facebook planet have guessed my husband is indeed In love with this chap. Colin Luke-Green has however been in total denial (while sobbing in the corner at the thought of him going.) So what else have we being doing today, well we bought Alfie a new Id tag…and collar… and forever bowls… You getting a pattern here?

We are not keen on the phrase ‘failed foster’ and lots of people have assured us there’s nothing wrong with that. I would rather use the phrase ‘successful forever adoption’ or in my husband’s terminology Alfie is a ‘happy accident’ and we are very happy. We hope you will be too.💛💚💙💜

Alfie is not perfect, he has lots of things he needs help with, maybe some of those things will improve, maybe some won’t. We have really enjoyed doing the blog/posts about Alfie and have felt welcomed by all on facebook. We will (hopefully) be continuing to foster if Kevin Baker will have us and would love to carry on telling stories about our little charges if you will have us.

So welcome Alfie to our family, you are so loved already 💜💛💚💙🐕😍

Ps, you do know he is probably going to be renamed Willie…

🐕foster dogs aren’t perfect but take a chance on them and they will take a chance on you🐕20171022_224931.png

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