Willie vs The Youngest Member Of The Family.

19th August 2017

Alfie met the youngest member of our family today (who’s not yet 1) and was a great hit. He waited and watched every spoonful that was fed to the baby and his manners were impeccable. 😀

Now this might of been because earlier we went to warkworth beach with the pooches and they went wild. Alfie has just blossomed in confidence at the beach, charging into the waves, lying down in the sea and rolling in the sand (Maggie joined in too but obviously she’s a lady and was abit more reserved, unlike her counterpart that was a total hooligan!)

Another little win was he was off lead for most of our visit and recalled back everytime, even when it was difficult for him. Yeah Alfie!

Lastly we have made a little more progress in the cat department, Colin Luke-Green and all three of our fur babies had a cuddle session on the bed this afternoon. Nobody misbehaved, chased, ran or grumbled. This must have been really hard for Sir Alfie and indeed at subsequent intervals he reverted to his comfort habit of sucking and nibbling when stressed, bless, but it did look really funny…

The rest of the day has been spent sorting Alfie’s paperwork out, registering his petlog and purchasing pet insurance.
We can now happily confirm Alfie is now officially ‘Willie’.


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