Quiet Sunday.

20th August 2017

A quiet Sunday for Maggie and Willie (WRUK Alfie). Willie slept in this morning until 8am, lazy bones, we had to actually wake him.

The rest of the day has been spent going for walks, Costa coffee and sharing cuddles. Willie loves being out and about and today we had him around the woods, we did lots of recall mixed in with off lead walks and on lead walks.

He was a superstar! As Willie’s confidence grows his character blossoms.

He loves sleeping under the covers of the duvet.

He hates banana and carrot (to the point he will walk around the edge of the room, so he doesn’t have to touch it.)

He adores being lifted on your shoulders while be rocked and cuddled like a baby.

He will pretty much do any thing for bacon.

He sings the song of his people while sleeping.

He has no spacial awareness.

And lastly he grumbles while getting kisses on the end of his nose but secretly loves it and always looks for more.

So who got the better deal here, we did because it feels like Willie has always been here with us and after 9 days he already has a permanent place in our hearts.

I💙🐕 I💚🐕 I 💛🐕 I💜🐕


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