Check Us Out.

21st August 2017

Willie (WRUK Alfie) here, check me and Maggie sitting nicely together like forever bffs. Mum and dad had us out for loads of walks today and I had great fun leaping and stalking through the long grass (I even got loads of treats everytime I ran back to mum and dad to say hi and check I was doing good! Amazing!). I am almost as good as Maggie now for napping and don’t really give a woof about the strange noises anymore.

Anyway, mum has been busy clearing out today and mumbling something about my new collar and id tag will be here anyday now. She starting grumbling about how much stuff we have and how we have to get the WRUK collar and id tag back to them for the next dog who needs it (she reckons it must cost them quite abit providing collars and leads and stuff like that for each dog.) My dad (Colin Luke-Green) says we have collars and leads for every occasion and a million toys cos we are spoilt pooches and that we could probably spare some…

So mums having a clear out and I bet she’s not the only one who has spare doggy stuff because of those impulse buys or stuff we’ve just grown out of. So if u don’t have much to spare but want to share or help have a thought for Westie Rescue UK, I’m sure they wouldn’t say no!

(WRUK Alfie)20171022_231005.png

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