Then came Maggie.

This is little Maggie and she will be two in May 2018. She heading into her teenage years (and thinks she knows everything) but I cannot complain really. She has been a beautiful puppy/dog to have and train.

We got Maggie from a puppy, following my mother’s sudden death, she was hoping to get a westie when she retired, sadly she did not make it to retirement.

Maggie was our first West Highland Terrier, certainly we have had lots of dogs over the years and lots of different breeds. I would now, after having Maggie never have any other breed otherthan a westie.

When we purchased Maggie, we like many other people thought we had researched where our dog had come from and believed we were being responsible. Sadly, in hindsight, looking back I believe Maggie was from a puppy farm.

When we arrived to see her, her parents were not present. The person who was caring for her and her siblings said she was ‘fostering’ them for their owner (it was a family home with pets and children). However in my grief for my mother and instant love, I did purchase Maggie and bring her home.

Maggie was very poorly for the first month, as you all know westies are famous for skin and tummy complaints and Maggie is no different. She arrived on poor quality, bulk buy, cheap food. With extended abdominals, gassy tummy and was lethargic and sick for the first two weeks.

I am pleased to say she is now a picture of health and deeply loved and happy. She does still have a skin condition which she will always have but we love her no less for it.


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