Our Happy Accident.

Our happy accident Willie.

Willie is a rescue dog. We first met him when we approached a local charity to volunteer to foster dogs awaiting their forever homes. I had been a member of the charities facebook page for some time, watching on the sidelines. Keenly waiting to volunteer, however, my husband was not quite ready, still missing his last mans best friend, (Diesel, a ten stone Rottweiler).

In August though my husband caught up with me or just caved in and agreed to volunteer foster for the charity; with strict instructions ‘re were not keeping any’.

Ha! It was love at first sight, for both of them, a proper bromance. I didn’t get a look in and to be quite honest mine and Willies relationship was abit rocky at the beginning as he was insecure and quite jealous of my husband.

Now Willie did not start off with Willie as his name, his name was originally Alfie. My husband chose the name Willie, more for humorous reasons to beginning with, but it stuck and it suits him.


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