We Broke The Dogs.

22nd August 2017

We broke the dogs, Willie (WRUK Alfie) and Maggie are too pooped to care, with full bellies and tired legs.

Sadly today though we lost a dear friend ‘Mr Hedgehog’ . However, Willie didn’t look an ounce sad, he actually looked very pleased with himself. Mr Hedgehog had made the mistake of squeaking when you pushed his belly.

Willie accepted the challenge and within ten minutes the house was covered in stuffing, fluff and legs.

We had a little panick while tidying up though as we couldn’t find that darn squeaker and had visions of vet visits and noisy, squeaky, dog farts (in contrast to the silent deadly ones that make you dissolve from the inside.)

Don’t panic though we found it in Willies dog bed where he was trying to hide it for later (along with a sock, pasta twirl, chunk of carrot and melted wotsit!) He has of course still not forgiven me for taking away his prized possessions and is only favouring my husband.



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