Third Sleep.

27th August 2017

Good morning,

Alfie and Maggie are on their 3rd sleep of the day (lying In the sun spots of course) meaning the house is abit like an obstacle course as you try not to disturb the sleeping beauties.

I did try and grab some toast while they were having their 2nd sleep (ha! Don’t know what made me think I would get away with that.) As soon at the toast packet rustled they were on it. You know what it’s like, every bite you take is monitored, evaluated, scrutinised and judged. All the while the eyes are ripping your heart in two as they say ” I love you, feed me or feel my wrath”.

Now Alfie and Maggie’s version of ‘wrath’ by the way is to sit in a corner, back facing us and refusing to acknowledge our existence (even though you can see their ears twitching as you say their names) and the ‘wrath’ moments go on until they feel they have been suitably compensated (again usually food, but better food, than the food you originally started with.)

So sleep number three now but the husband will be home In 5 from his first shift and that means walks (again).


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