Personality and Character.

23rd August 2017

We have two westies and it’s not just their personalities that are so different. Willie (WRUK) has a coarse, straight coat, that has two layers and when he gets wet his bangs hang down like wet curtains around his face (He looks like such a geek) but it’s cute. Maggie on the other hand has soft, downy fur, with no under layer (but she is still a puppy at 15 months, a preenager) and when she gets wet she looks like she’s been to the hairdressers for a perm.

Willie always looks smart and other than around his eyes can get away with not being groomed or styled often too. Maggie looks great one day and the next morning, poof, she looks like she has been part of an explosion in a cloud factory.

But here is the thing in the 15 months we have had Maggie we haven’t had any ‘doggy smells you know the one, where you are obsessed about your home not smelling of dog. Well even when wet Maggie has not really left dog odour. Willie though smells (yeah he’s had a bath and loved it) but he has that ‘dog smell’ wether wet or dry.

Weird eh, not that it’s stops us from loving Willie and he’s never, ever leaving us but it makes you wonder, is it the difference in their coats, is it cos he’s a boy, were we nose blind to Maggie lol?
So doggy spice and channel de dog number 5, here we come.



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