Funny Mood.

23rd August 2017

Our Maggie has been in a funny mood today, quiet, sleepy and abit glum, not that this has affected Willie (Alfie) who’s had a great time being nosey out of the window, watching the builders.

Even our walks today were a slow affair, trying to coax Maggie out and about. whereas Willie has been full of mischief and got himself into a bit of bother chasing a cat under a fence and got himself stuck. Colin Luke-Green had to put his fire rescue cap on and brave the thorn bushes to untangle the little terror’s lead. Of course Willie was as proud as punch with himself, my husband not so much…

So why is Maggie a little forlorn today? Maybe it’s just her ‘lady’ time (although she’s been spayed). Maybe she feeling under the weather or maybe the busy few weeks we’ve had since Willie arrived have tired her out. She’s made new friends in Tootsie and Maisie as they played and galloped around the garden when Lisa Douglas came for a playday with her three, giving us a total of seven westies. Or maybe it’s having her own big mischievous brother that’s got her worn out?

So tonight we are going to have an early night and some pampered cuddles and hopefully little Maggie will be back to her normal self tomorrow.

Goodnight everypawdy.



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