Teenage Frolics.

26th August 2017

Sorry for the late post, we got visitors ๐Ÿ˜œ

So today has been fun, while our dogs Willie & Maggie were sleeping upside down on the couch (like dead spiders, cos they had been at the beach all morning and were broken.)

My husband Colin Luke-Green and I went in search of different pooches, we of course found some in the form of Gizmo (Gizzy) and Baxter.

Now you can’t just go up and demand a dog for walking mind, my husband and I foster and volunteer. We have both been approved and checked, which is why we were allowed to take these lovely balls of fun for a walk.

But back to Gizmo & Baxter, these are both boys, both around the ages of 2/3 years (teenagers/young adults in dog years.) They are both fine specimens of male doghood, full of mischief, energy and love.

So when we first started our walk we were abit “OMG what have we done” as the dogs excitedly leapt about, after only about 5/10 minutes though we had got our pace and were on our way.

Now don’t get me wrong the route to Northumberlandia wasn’t all plain sailing, as boys will be boys. Both Gizmo and Baxter were great on the leads but manners are manners and poor little Baxter in his excitement occasional forgot his. Not that it fazed my husband and Baxter was keen to please in listening to instructions when corrected and offered treats (see photo.)

Neither me nor my husband are seasoned experts in dogs, just pet owners really, although Colin has had dogs all his life. However walking Gizmo and Baxter let us get a feel for these little mites. Gizmo being the more confident of the two, not batting an eyelid at people, children or noises, infact Baxter was very much the same but less confident, looking to Gizmo for guidance and reassurance.

Other dogs though, when separated from each other Gizmo paid no attention to other dogs. Baxter however was nervous and vocal until he could meet and greet the other dogs. Together however, we observed pack behaviour. Baxters nervousness was heightened as Gizmo acted in a territorial manner (not viciously but very noisily.)

Our conclusion both dogs would make great family pets, but like all rescue dogs they are not perfect and require work, patience and time. Ideally Gizmo and Baxter need a owner who is experienced with dogs and can put in place strong consistent boundaries. Baxter would be great as an only dog or paired with a laid back female. Gizmo would be better suited to a home with other dogs (Females) for company and to stop him being possessive over his humans.

But the bottom line is, they are both adorable guys with great characters and if you can give time and love to them they will return it tenfold.



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