Fantastic Chap.

27th August 2017

Willie (Alfie) is settling in grand, he is a fantastic little chap and has fitted right in and this weekend has been no different. He met old dame Aggie and the three of them got along great. Our adventures took us to Duridge Bay, Holywell Dene, Northumberlandia as well as our normal dog routes but as the dogs reminded us, there’s always time to smell the flowers and bathe in the sun.

So we are still working on cat integration, it’s slow but coming along, Willie learnt the hard way the other day and took a scratch on the nose when he forgot this manners but took his telling like a man (so basically he stood in the corner in a huff 😜). The husband has started lovingly refering to Willie as ‘The hairy growler ‘ due to all his quirky little noises (as lets face it sniggering at every innuendo or sentence with ‘Willie’ in it, isn’t childish enough 🤤).

To the point I’m dreading my first day back at work and having to explain that the Willie my husband is refering to is Colin Luke-Green dog not a male organ.

You will also be all pleased to know that the silent, deadly gases that Willie produced when he first came to us have reduced to only one or two incidents a night (usually when we have guests or are about to eat) and he can be bribed to do pretty much what you want if you have the ‘right’ treat (god help you, if you have the wrong one).

His last little bit of weirdness is his sleeping arrangements, Willie is still not sleeping a full night. He moves between sleeping under the covers ( basically inside our skin). To on the floor by the bed (because hes self combusting with heat). The little chap also still sucks and nibbles for comfort too, but in the grand scheme of things when you think about it, Willie did live on the street for a short time. He probably had to hide to sleep and quite possibly could only cat nap for short lengths. So he’s going to need patience (and love) but he’s our little Prince and he’s worth the wait.

So all’s good really, hairy growler, I mean Willie is doing fab and we wish you all love n doggy hugs.



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