Slow Wander.

27th August 2017

Guess who we had for a slow wander down the beach today …

The gorgeous Maisie and Tootsie ๐Ÿ˜ and what a lovely couple of girls they are too. Maisie was full of fun, running around with wor Maggie and Willie up and down the beach. She was in amongst everything making sure she missed nothing.

Certainly you wouldn’t think she was an elderly girl or that she has been a poorly girl if it wasn’t for the odd wheeze when she took on my son and our dogs having a mad ten minutes.

Tootsie (Toots) on the other hand was quite happy with a slow steady walk, taking everything at her own pace. Indeed her reaction when we arrived at the beach was of total awe and would not surprise me if I learnt that she had visited the seaside before.

Toots is a character in her own right, certainly if I could imagine her as a person, she’d be the old dear sitting at the beach in her deck chair with cucumber sandwiches and a flask of ‘proper’ tea by her side, tucking her blanket round her knees.

Now these lovely gals are not available for adoption as yet but they will be soon. They were both laid back with other dogs and people. Leaving the impression they just wanted a happy, easy life and who could blame them.๐Ÿค— So here, here too soft beds, lots if treats and loving homes in the future for these treasures.



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