27th August 2017

Willie has had a busy day, beginning with a visit to the vet for his last booster injections and the official name and address change on his vet records. His visit was not the most pleasant experience and indeed the vet got abit of a fright when this seemingly relaxed pooch reacted badly to being gripped by the back of the neck. 

I am pleased to say my husband Colin Luke-Green reacted just as quick resulting in calming the situation within seconds. We were even given a lovely compliment by our vet who told us he could tell who Willie trusted, as he allowed Colin to hold him in an uncomfortable firm hold (our is the same vet the charity uses and has met Willie on several occasions) so this was lovely to hear. What is more beautiful to think though is that because we have trusted Willie, he in turn trusts us 😍
Willie also his first visit with us to a caravan and he managed it like a boss. Although he couldn’t get close enough to my husband in the car (check out the photo of him trying to sleep upright, just so his chin could touch his daddy!) As normal he was nee bother in the car and loves travelling about with us. The caravan, well that went down a treat, Willie loved the high window and window ledge and managed to get some more 💤💤💤 with Maggie (it amazes me how much they can sleep, it’s like it a proffession or hobby that’s gone ‘world record’). The mind blow was definately the beach, what more could a dog want!

Unfortunately though it was just a day visit for the fur babies to visit my sister. I can’t say they were very chuffed leaving, especially when they realised they were driving off leaving me behind. But I’m pretty sure in a couple of days when I’m back with them they will accuse me of ‘abandoning’ them and give me the silent treatment until I sufficiently bribe them with treats (and only the ones they like will do).

Now I know I will miss them like mad and that they will miss me too. But I’m also pretty sure as the car turned the corner my husband was laughing and trying to high five the dogs (in his excitement of getting peace and my side of the bed ha!) So I’ve took loads of photos of the view to show him I’m having a great time…

But really I wanna go home and have furry kisses and cuddles.



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