31st August 2017

So this week I swapped Maggie and Willie (WRUK Alfie) for a few days with my nephews, to help my sister out.

Well never again will I complain about having to share a bed with the pooches, my youngest nephew (at a whopping 9 months old) has been very generous these past few days. Allowing me a ruler width (yeah width, not length) of bed to sleep on, while he’s pulled my eye lids, plucked my eyelashes, beat me with his bottle and continuously poked me in the eyeballs as he fought sleep.

Nor did it get any better when he actually did sleep, as he then slept diagonally across the bed with his face plastered to my face as he lovingly burped baby milk breath and baby food farts in my direction.
Not to mention he was a mini ninja when I tried to move away from the bed as he was snoring his head off. Opening one eye and judging me as I balanced between the perils of the ruler width mattress and the floor that threatened to catch my face when I fell.
Indeed im pretty sure this small person had psychic powers and could predict when I was about to make a run for it and would pop his eyes wide open like something out of the exorsist movie and warble a whine at me that would turn my blood to ice as I envisioned the monster to suddenly wake up and torment me for another 6 hours.

So yeah for today, I get my babies, Maggie and Willie (WRUK Alfie) back and I cannot wait. The husband has made sure I’ve known he’s had a great time with them (without me 😭) but they are mommy’s little fur babies, roll on tonight to share my bed with them again…the husband can have the miniature contortionist from hell!



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