Annual Westie Walk Northumberland.

2nd September 2017

Help… I’ve broken the husband and the dogs… No I haven’t, not really. We’ve actually been to an annual Westie dog walk along Blyth Beach in Northumberland. We had so much fun we even came home with a 3rd pooch!

Don’t get me wrong at points it was mad, noisy and chaotic (but you know what they say about working with animals and children). But all in all it went very well, we even had a couple of potential adopters who came too (and I don’t think we scared them too much with all the woofing). Now you have to understand rescue dogs aren’t perfect, they come with history (some you may know about, some you may not) but the history they come with is sometimes displayed in their behaviour. Some dogs found the beach walk super duper exciting and forgot their manners at the beginning of the walk. But some found it all too much (sensory overload I think you could say?) And this is something you have to bear in mind when considering a rescue dog.

These dogs need time, love and care and you cannot always get a true reflection on a certain dog when they are in a busy environment. For a couple of dogs this was indeed the case.
Baxter for example was super sensitive on the walk, barking and on high alert at other dogs out walking with their owners. He was not relaxed at all. So we took him for another walk along the beach with us and then brought him home.

And OMG he’s like a different dog, check out these photos (this is his first introduction to Maggie and Willie in their home!). So look what a little patience, love and care can do.



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