2nd September 2017

We’ve got little Baxter tonight for a sleep over and what a little Prince charming he is in the house. His manners are impeccable, waiting to be invited onto chairs and beds, he’s greeted all the members of the family politely and has been super friendly. We cannot fault his manners at meal times or how gently he takes treats.

Baxter has just fitted right in (bearing in mind today was his first meeting with Willie and Maggie and on their territory too). He’s followed my husband Colin Luke-Green around like a shadow and loves kisses and cuddles (although he has no idea about person space lol).

Neither me or my husband have any real concerns about this little dude in a home setting or with other dogs if introduced correctly. He is adorable 😍

However, when outside the home Baxter’s anxiety levels are off the scale when at the beginning of a walk. He is a high energy pup at 2/3 years (so is a teenager really). The only real concern we have with this young chap is his social meet and greet skills with other dogs outside a home environment. He is very vocal and excitable causing him anxiety.

But tonight we have seen his ability to overcome this. After an enjoyable walk with his new friends Willie & Maggie (and a pocket full of treats) we had two successful interactions with other dogs, where Baxter walked past them without noise or concern.

So tonight has ended on a good note, Baxter is exercised, tired and relaxed. He has a full belly and is now snoozing (loudly) on the back of the sofa (see pics) and his foster dad has assured us he’s is not a smelly farter!

So good night from us and of course Baxter, Maggie and Willie. 💚💚💚💚💚



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