Good Morning Baxter.

3rd September 2017

Good morning Baxter!

Little Baxter slept like a boss, we did not invite him into our bed with Willie & Maggie as our pooches need to have a space/room of their own.

This did not bother Baxter at all who claimed the teenagers beds and comfy chair in the garden room (even though there was a dog bed in there too). Actually he slept so well you wouldn’t have thought we’d had a third dog and we had to wake the sleeping beauty up!

The three stooges have prance around the garden watering all the plants and Willie and Baxter have even watered each other watering!

So what are we up to today, well abit of breakfast toast for the furry children (check out their manners!) Then bung colins t-shirt from yesterday into a boil wash to get Willie and Baxters willie marks off 😲 (not sure if it’s a love thing or a scent thing). Then shoes on, leaders ready and off, out for a brisk, long walk to Northumberlandia. 🐕💚🐕💚🐕💚🐕💚🐕💚🐕💚


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