Willie The Street Dog.

3rd September 2017

Willie, Willie, Willie…

Well we have really pushed all of Willies (Alfie) boundaries this weekend and we are sooo proud of him!

You have to remember we have not had Willie very long and his background story until now has been a difficult, if not sad one, indeed at one point in his life Willie was a stray on the streets.

When we first met Willie he came to us as a foster dog. We had no intentions of keeping him and were adamant that we were just providing him with a secure home setting while his forever home was found.

Well that didn’t go as planned! We fell in love, not just me and my husband with Willie but Willie with us. Certainly in my husband’s words, he is our happy accident. However Willie is a rescue dog and as most rescue dogs, he’s not perfect. He has needed time and patience to adjust and learn what we wanted from him behaviour wise, as well as had to unlearn some behaviours and he is still in this process.

This weekend though we really tested him. On Saturday we took him to the Northumberland Westie Walk. This in itself would be a stressful, complicated situation for any well adjusted, confident dogs, never mind a rag glag bunch of rescues.

I am pleased to say that Willie coped very well (we were super proud) and was even able to be paired with other males (wow). To be honest I was very proud of all of the dogs on Saturday.

We had a great day on Saturday and even came home with a surprise addition in the form of little Baxter, who found the excitement abit much at the beach. Willie not only took this extra addition in his stride but also provided a calming influence to this little dude.

Although on occasion he finds it a little hard sharing daddy cuddles (as Baxter is a cuddle monster too). Actually it went so well we decided to keep Baxter for a sleep over to see how it went.

Now there has been a few up and down moments (as we’ve got two territorial boys here and Willie is still settling in) but nothing to major that can’t be distracted with treats and it’s usually playtime when these moments happen.

So we have a new foster dog, now I know we kept the last one but with children at home and work commitments we will NOT be adopting little Baxter.

We have to think about the dogs we have and the quality of not only our life but theirs, so two dogs is our max. We will of course keep fostering and helping to get these dogs there forever home.



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