Baxter’s Challenge.

4th September 2017.

So, it’s my first day back a work. The first day Willie (WRUK Alfie), Maggie & Baxter have been left on their own (and we’ve deliberately left them for a few hours). 

I am pleased to say that Baxter never moved from his favourite chair (no the chair doesn’t come with him!) And Willie and Maggie took their places on the couch.

Now they have obviously moved at some point as there are toys out, but there is no damage and when we came home none of the dogs displayed any anxious behaviour. In fact I got the best welcome home ever, you’d think I’d left them for years, not a few hours! It was all kissing, cuddling, smooching and deep sighs.

So I think it’s safe to say, this little dude is going to be okay being left for a while at home (cos you do have to go out sometimes!) 

Certainly Baxter is a wonderful dog in the house, he’s house trained (even tells you when he needs to go), is a lapdog, snuggle monster that loves kisses (and doesn’t mind if your mouth is open in a yawn, get your tongue in there son!). 

He’s a dream eater and will pretty much eat anything and do anything you want for food, his manners in the house are brilliant (he even waits to be invited up) and is such a happy chap.

So all in all, a good first day work and a big thumbs up for this dude being able to left at home. 🐕🏡🐕🏡🐕🏡🐕🏡🐕🏡


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