Baxter and Children.

5th September 2017

Baxter & Children… Well I think the photos speak for themselves! Baxter was not phased in the slightest by the onslaught of children and visitors after school today, as my sister’s, their kids and my dad appeared.

Baxter was submissive and gentle, giving kisses and showing his tummy for tummy tickles. Actually he was so unphazed he went to sleep in the middle of it!
So no worries there, however Baxter still very much acts like a puppy. Indeed if I had to describe him as a people I would say he was the perfect vision of an awkward teenager, with gangly long legs all over the place, no spacial awareness and a knack for tripping over his own feet.

Aswell as meeting ‘the family’ today Baxter was home alone too, as Maggie & Willie went out with the dog walker, the kids were back to school and both myself and my husband went to work. There was a little crying and whining as we went but again other than evidence of playing with his toys he coped really well.

Now this little dude has a couple of pet names here, I like to call him Yoda (it’s the ears) but my husband thinks he should be called Bob Barker, for two reasons, one he is a local artist and two Baxter can be abit of a Barker when excited. He is territorial (like most dogs) barking at perimeter fences as people walk past or at the postie posting their letters. Sometimes he’s even barks as people come in the house (if they shout out an excited hello.) but he can correct this when chastised.
Exciteability is what usually sets this playful pooch on puppy mode, children running, rough play, excited voices and that is fine, he just needs reminding to ‘stay cool n chill’ (which can be tricky sometimes here as we have Maggie who is still a puppy and wants to play, play, play, little trouble maker that she is!) So another good day for Baxter our little foster dog. I so want him to find his forever family and home because he deserves it, he is a charming chap 😍


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