Up and Down.

6th September 2017

Baxter has had a bit of an up and down day today, which is what you would expect with any rescue dog.

If you have been following Baxters progress you will know that he can be anxious and excitable when outside. We dont avoid walking or other dogs when we are out as Baxter needs to learn how to cope. Indeed he needs to learn that if a situation is not in his control he can trust his people control it for him, this will bring down his anxiety and enable him to relax and be a well rounded dog on walks.

We do walk Baxter on an extendable lead, with a foster leader cuff, just to let people know he is a foster dog and in training (now most of the dog walkers around here know us and have met Baxter). So when we took him for his walk this morning it went as it does most mornings, greeting other dogs and walking on.There was However, a couple of dogs walking off lead, so what you are thinking. Certainly we walk Maggie off lead all the time, no problem there. Indeed the dog walking off lead in questions was a dog and owner known to us and the dog is a friendly chap but today he was in a follow and sniff mood.

Certainly as we carried on with our walk, this chap began to follow Baxter rather than his owner. Now his owner didn’t see a problem in this and even quoted ‘well my dogs fine’ and I think he was abit taken back when we asked him to recall his dog. But by this time Baxter was in a proper little place, yelping, jumping, barking and pulling on his lead. BUT as we kept on walking, Baxter quickly calmed down and got back into his stride, enjoying his walk and even quietly walking past other dogs we met.

So blip two…boys will be boys.

We have two boys here, both rescues and of course our little Maggie. Now boys can be territorial and this was the case today (when Maggie decided to wind them both up and play.) So It quickly escalated into a noisy spat between the two boys who were both trying to vye for top dog and get the last word in. BUT again I am pleased to say it was my husband who was top dog in the end and had them both calmed down and sharing treats within minutes before he went back to work.

Now for all I love Baxter I would not recommend he is homed with another boy due to territory issues and man stuff, actually I would advise against it. We certainly do have two males here and Baxter copes well , but we have two very separate areas for each dog, as both are rescues and need their own space where they feel safe and can relax. It is so hard writing about our foster dogs as I so desperately want a forever family for them (and they deserve it) while at the same time I want to give a true reflection of the dogs in our care because I don’t want their forever home to fail.

So am I worried about Baxter. No. He needs to be loved and learn to trust his people so they can deal with difficult situations for him, following their lead which will enable him to be a confident, happy dog. Am I worried about the spat between Willie and Baxter. No. Dogs don’t hold grudges, just have a look at the photos, as they watch my husband go to work and wait by the door for him!



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