Like a Boss…

7th September 2017

So Baxter had a full groom today, nail cutting, ear plucking, tat removing groom. Now we were a little bit worried how the groom would go, as Baxter would not know the groomer and he can be anxious if he does not know or trust someone.

Don’t know why we bothered worrying, he took it like a boss and the groomer was amazing! On Baxters more tender areas he tried to mouth the groomer, ha! He was so shocked at being told no and poked gently in the side he was a vision of an innocent choir boy for the remaining groom. Occassionally throwing odd glances over to my husband Colin Luke-Green (to make sure he didn’t run away and abandon him obviously lol).

Anyway you could of easily made a second dog with all the fur that came off Baxter In his groom, so he’s gotta feel better for that, and the knots, the sticky balls, sticks and who knows what eles that was tangled in his long coat are all gone. I dont even want to know what was in his ears (you can tell this pup likes bounding through bushes and long grass).

So Baxter is not a ‘minger’ anymore but a lovely tailored, dashing smart, handsome boy. Who could resist!



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