Normal Days.

8th September 2017

A really quiet, normal day today for WRUK Baxter and why not. He’s had a bit boy time today with Willie (Alfie) while Maggie was away getting pampered and spoilt at the groomers. Then later on tonight he got some puppy time with just him and Maggie while Willie went on a road trip to Alnwick with his dad.

And what a hoot it is watching Maggie and Baxter puppy playing, both of them are teenagers, with Baxter being the more ‘gangly’ of the two. Neither have any spacial awareness or coordination for that matter and look like a couple of football’s fastened together by a length of elastic. Certainly they are more rugby players than ballet dancers.

So what eles has Baxter been up to, snoozing of course like any good teenager, they’ve been so bloomin lazy today, sleeping where ever their heads lie (I’m coming back as a dog lol) 🤣

We have of course taken lots of photographs today and I hope you enjoy them 😍


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