Who Farted?

11th September 2017

Who farted?

That was all I asked!

Well think this snap shot says it all, with Willies ears right back, looking suss and Maggie directly looking in Willies direction accusingly. Obviously horrified that I would even suggest such a thing of her!

So here we are my husband (Colin Luke-Green ), Willie, Maggie and myself, lying In bed browsing facebook. Quietly minding our own business as Willie farts away, pretending it’s not him, as all the fresh air disappears into a distinct ‘sprout smelling’ aroma.

When suddenly we hear a loud ‘pharrrppp’ noise and Willie shoots 2ft in the air, throws us a disgusting look…US!
And then he begins to check his backside (just incase he’s followed through, I think!) And proceeds to stomp, yes stomp out of the bedroom (while snorting at us) into the living room, so he can go back to sleep in peace!

The cheek of him, stinking hob goblin he is 😍😍😍


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