12th September 2017

Such sad news yesterday about Tootsie’s prognosis. She has been the top of our discussion list here at Westie Rescue UK since we recieved the news about her cancer. We all love Toostie to bits and are devastated for her. Its obvious from the response we have had from the public about her diagnosis that you feel like that too 😍

So what are we going to do?
We are going to enjoy every moment we have with Tootsie and we are going to do Toostie a bucket list, so she can fully enjoy the time she has left with us. We would love to hear of any ideas that you think she would like. Maybe it’s something your pooch loves, maybe it something you have done?
Remember though she’s a mature lady, so sky diving or climbing mount Everest may not be practical 😉. We are also limited by local volunteers, funding and location (Northumberland). So be kind. We will photograph her bucket list progress along the way and we may not be able to do all of the suggestions but here we go… 1. Walk along the beach.

2. Have a whole ice cream (Mr Whippy of course) to herself.

3. Go to McDonald’s and have a burger.

4. Walk to to Northumberlandia and take a photo on one of her boobies.



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