Tootsie’s Bucket List. 

15th September 2017

Tootsies bucket list.
1. Visit a dog friendly cafe 😍😀 Tootsie had a wonderful time today with volunteer Lisa Douglas making new friends.

Now Tootsie loves food. Any food, but today any old food wouldn’t do. So she was a food critic for the morning, tasting the wonderful doggy delights at The Barking Bistro in Whitley Bay.
She wolfed her pupcake down like a posseed demon (Lisa was pretty sure Toots inhaled it in one breath). Then out came the pawsecco (we tried to get pupachino but they don’t do them) and we can tell you Toots is no lady, or she’s been watching Geordie shore and adapted herself well to gussling a ‘pint’. And did we stop there, No! Bourbon biscuits and jammy dodgers here we come (handmade dog treats of course! )
So to finish off the morning Lisa and the pooches strolled home for a playdate with Lottie, Luna and Skye. During the stroll though they had to stop and get a frizzy frozen yoghurt (doggy yoghurts) and check out the video of little Miss Piggy enjoying it… I’m pretty sure lovely Toots will be sleeping, trumping and snoring all those goodies and munchies away this afternoon and she will need to because… Its steak for tea for tonight 😀 Shes one spoilt little girl and we love her.20171023_214508.png

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