Tootsie’s Bucket List.

15th September 2017

Tootsie’s bucket list.

Number 2.

Have a full steak to herself… Well steak to belly in 0.5 seconds volunteer Lisa Douglas reported and could Tootsie get her head any further into her bowl. No is the answer (although I’m pretty sure she’s trying to lick down to Australia!l) and let’s not forget there was three more playmates bowls to check, just incase!

So Tootsie has a a food orientated playdate today, and she came rolling (with a full belly) home at 5pm. To raid the treat box… yep she was full of smiles, hellos and slobbery kisses on seeing her foster family.
Now you’d think she’s be ready to snooze or relax but no she was right in there playing and letting her presence been known with that waggy bum of hers.

Go Tootsie 😍


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