Tootsie’s Bucket List.

17th September 2017

Today was all about beautiful Tootsie 😍

Most of us at Westie Rescue UK are unpaid volunteers and work during the week so the weekends are often when we get the real quality time with our little rescues (unless you are a foster mum or dad and they live with you of course.) Well Tootsie does of course have a foster mum and dad (as we don’t kennel dogs here!) And Tootsie does get spoilt through the week but she’s so precious to many of us here we have to share her on the weekend. So lovely Lisa got her chance on Friday with the doggy cafe and steak for tea but today was ours… So Northumberlandia here we come, now we were lucky in alot of repects, the weather was beautiful, there were lots of smelly things, the pooches were all in great moods and we got to tick off five, yes five things on Tooties list.

And you are asking… 3. Walk in the woods. We’re going on a bear hunt, We’re walking through the forest (now we took a zillion photos today but we’ve tried to snap shot you an idea of the day in a few). Tootsie loved the woods and what should have been an easy fifteen minutes walk easily took us forty. Her ears and eyes may not be as good as they were in her younger days but her nose! Tootsie is a nosey bugger. Her nose was in every fern, tree, bush, log and crevice. To add to that, boy if she didn’t want to move along in the walk, she didn’t. She sat, feet stubbornly in front of her and refused to budge.

4. When we did get moving into the long grass though she took of like a shot, her nose getting a whiff of something. Take a look at her drop and roll technique, she has totally mastered it and could you bribe or move her away. Nee chance but then ‘let her roll in something smelly’ was somewhere on her bucket list, so why not!

5. Walk to the top of Northumberlandia and get a photograph on the boobies hehe. Yep we did that too (photo is on my husband’s phone though so il get him to post it later). Now I had a little …

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