The Power of Three.

18th September 2017

So we are back to the power of three this week. You could call them the three amigos but the three stooges is probably more apt.
We have sweet Maggie the youngest who is 16 months and coming into her teenage years (13 in people years) and just wants to play, play, play (our own dog not available for adoption). 

Then there’s Willie (WRUK Alfie) who is 4 years old (28/30 in people years) but has definately been here before and is a proper grumpy old codger just like his dad (our own dog also not available for adoption). 

And last but not least we have wee darling Maisie (who we are fostering) and she is the grand old age of 12 (68 in people years). Now Maisie is a proper old darling, who can easily keep up with the young uns when she’s motivated, but can be a gobby, grumpy bugger, putting Maggie and Willie in their place if they are working their tickets!

Indeed you’d think Maisie had always been here as she has fitted in so well and she’s so easy to love (too easy really). Maisie at the grand age of twelve does have lifetime vetinary conditions/needs and is not currently available for adoption.20171023_215104.png

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