19th September 2017

Let’s talk about ageism… Put your hands in the air if you have an elderly dog, either from a puppy or a rescue that you have homed and fell in love with along the way 🖑🖐🖑🖐🖑 Rescue centred quite often get some older ladies and gents. Some are in perfect health, some need a little tender loving care. They should always post about dogs health and what needs they have, so you the public are informed about pooches. As lets face it the last thing we want is a dog not to be successful in their forever home.

Unfortunately though we sometimes still hit barriers when trying to find fosterers or forever homes for these delightful oldies.

So what’s putting off those potential forever families?
Age – a westie can live up to the ripe old age of 16 but we also have heard sad stories where they have passed away at 4 or 5 years, so it’s an unknown.

Insurance – you CAN get affordable lifetime insurance for older dogs. (We recently priced one up at £267 For a year – less than a pound a day)

Health – it’s a lottery just like people, some dogs are healthy to the end of their days, others may have vetinary need – your lifetime insurance cover will cover all new conditions.

Food & excercise – like elderly people, elderly dogs eat less and need walking less.

Can’t teach a dog new tricks – rubbish any dog can learn to adapt, it’s all about respect (and maybe some ham).


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