Blew the Pooches Mind.

21st September 2017

So I totally blew the pooches mind today. I went to work in the afternoon instead of the morning!

Yes I got my shifts switched, the dogs were in doggy heaven this morning as soon as they realised they could go back to bed and have an extra sleep and a longer morning walk.

However their world shattered as they realised I was abandoning them at lunchtime (at 2nd walk time.) And they were actually so put out about this they all ignored me when I came home (Well until tea time when I was popular again!) So how are they three amigos doing, they are doing great, eating, sleeping, sleeping more, walking, walking more, farting, snoring loudly, and yeah farting more.

We have decided that Willie is the equivalent to a mob boss with Maisie and Maggie are his gals. As he has a proper strut on during walks, but also looks abit ‘hen pecked’ when it comes to choosing the best seat in the house or trying to catch a sneaky snooze in peace.

Maggie however is in full teenage mode who ‘always know best’ and can do ‘whatever she wants, when she wants’. While Maisie is her Nanny maid putting her right back in her box (which is so funny to watch, as Maggie sulks in the corner.) And Maisie is doing grand although she is a nervous soul and is convinced something is going to jump out of the shadows and peel her skin off (bless her cotton socks). So we are doing alot of cuddle, touch, pick up and carry therapy, to try and help her used to life.

So they are all sleeping (snoring loudly) again in their favourite spots, but keeping one eye open for a bedtime walk. Everyday is a new day and we look forward to all of them here in westie world. 🐕💛🐕💛🐕💛🐕💛🐕💛🐕💛20171023_215737.png

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