New Addition to the Pack.

20th September 2017

Its been a few days since we posted. We’ve been busy settling in our new foster dog, while also juggling work, family and volunteer work, but I wouldn’t have it any other way (well maybe a lottery win would be nice!). Anyhow between work n family stuff we’ve had time for lots of dog walks and time to get to know Maisie. As any normal person or dog, the first few days are usually the best as everyone is on best behaviour (or best paw forward) and little Maisie has been no different.

Maisie has been a little peach, settling in perfectly with no real hitches as such. She is a very nervous timid girl and we have had a couple of ‘accidents’ in the house. In addition to this though she is a poorly girl. But at the grand age of twelve she can certainly keep up with the youngsters.

Maisie has Cushing disease which is a lifelong condition, relying on daily medication and a specialised diet. We are also waiting for dental work that she needs done and a wheeze to be explored, but these cannot be completed until her Cushings disease is under control. Due to this she is not available for adoption.

We are coming up to day five with Maisie staying with us and the longer she stays with us the more her character and personality comes out. Maisie is a stubborn little girl, who knows her own mind and believe it or not is a possessive little lady. She has on occasions forgot her manners when in this possessive state (usually over me or over visitors attention) and she trys to dominate and grump to get her own way.

Now we are not really worried about this at this point, it is early days and she is still learning the rules. But it is important In the early days to make sure new dogs know who the boss is, so we are being a tiny bit mean. When Introducing a new dog Into any home you can expect unwanted behaviour but that should not mean that it should be tolerated.

Even as a old dog Maisie is learning new tricks and each day we fall in love with her a little bit more.😍😍😍



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