Basking in the Sun.

26th September 2017

I know we have been quiet lately but life gets in the way sometimes. One minute everything is nice and quiet the next it’s armageddon and everything/one is falling apart.

So putting family life and commitments aside for a moment I will let you know what’s happening in doggy world.

As you know Maisie the foster dog we have at the moment is an elderly lady at 12 years old, not only is she refined in years but she is a poorly pooch too. She has a life long condition called cushings, this means she needs daily medication (x3 tablets) a specialised diet and blood tests every three months at the vets (all very costly treatments). Unfortunately pet insurance does not cover these costs as they are classed as pre-existing and Maisie will always have this condition.

However, this is not all that is going on, Maisie is at the vets tomorrow for dental work on her teeth and while she is sedated the surgeon wants to x-ray her chest and explore a cough/wheeze Maisie has. Now we are all hoping and praying that the cough/wheeze is as simple as being caused by the bacteria in her mouth.

Maisie has settled in so well, here in our home, with us all. Everyday she comes out of her shell more and we are all deeply in love with her. We take everyday as it comes with her as like people, some days she’s has good tummy days, other days are bad tummy days. She is a lively little girl, happily keeping up with Willie and Maggie on walks but does sometimes need a rest/break to catch her breath or overcome a wheezing fit. So she does need a little more tender loving care than a younger, fitter dog.

Both my husband Colin Luke-Green and myself have been worry monsters all week as the date for dental surgery gets closer (and in pretty sure my husband is almost past himself, as he adores this girl so much). We are so nervous and just want her back safe and sound.

So today we took her out for a pamper, the full works, as you have to look your best for when you go into hospital (it makes you feel better.)

And just look at her, she is even more gorgeous, all bathed, clipped, shaped and pretty. Look at that photograph in the garden, sunning her face in the sun. Look at her cuddling into her foster grandpa, If that is not happiness, what Is??

Look at her she is beautiful…

So tomorrow she goes through that vet door, my husband’s heart and mine will stop beating, holding its breath until she is back at home with us, safe.



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