Tell Me If Im Being Paranoid.

29th September 2017

So tell me if I’m being paranoid, but I think I am boring… Now I know I’m poorly at the moment with an infection in my wisdom tooth (And a little grumpy) but come on!

This is my view in the living room today, to the left Willie (WRUK Alfie) to the right Maggie, both snoring their heads off, miles away from me. No sympathy or cuddles (I’ll remember that!) But in the middle of the floor is my nephew, yes he’s a baby, yes they sleep lots, but howay! To fall asleep on me in mid conversation… is it me, am I so boring, I bored them to sleep? Or am I so grumpy I scared them to sleep? Or maybe I smell, you know the one that ‘ill’ smell… And you know what…im the Ill one, I should be the one sleeping, but no I’m the one wide awake, in a proper grump , grumbling to myself.
Bah hum bug, you white furry non cuddle monsters, just wait til tonight and you want cuddles! (I’m full of s**t, il be so cuddling them tonight).



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