We Have Officially Adopted Rosie.

30th September 2017

I am so pleased to say that we have officially adopted Maisie it just felt right.

I am also pleased to announce that as from today Maisie is officially ‘Rosie’ (Rosie Posy). Following Rosies vetinary operation on Wednesday it was discovered she had six bad teeth (which were removed), bronchitis, IBS and enlarged heart on the left hand side and the early stages of Westie Lung. This is an addition to her Cushings.

She has been given prescriptions for these, has a specialized diet and will need regular blood tests and because she’s is at the early stages of Westie Lung the vet feels these will benefit her. Sadly insurance will not cover existing conditions and as we have adopted her after this prognosis this is the case for the above conditions.

There were a few reasons we decided to adopt Rosie.

The vet seemed to be very happy with our decision to keep Rosie and felt it would be in her best interest too, so that also helped us to make our decision to ask if we could adopt Rosie.

Now westie lung and the other vetinary needs Rosie has does give her a life expectancy of 12 to 24 months (maybe longer as she is in early stages). As for her vetinary costs, my husband and I have agreed we will pull in our belts and have briefly touched on looking at a go fund me kind of thing but we are unsure as yet. We knew Rosies vetinary needs before we asked to adopt.

But one thing we do know is Rosie will be loved and will live out her remaining time with us happy.

Ps her new tags came, just need the paper work off the charity to change her Id chip and details at the vet 🖒😘


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