1st October 2017.

Lets talk about Harry.

Yesterday WRUK had a fundraiser outside of pets at home in Cramlington (which we will update you on later). In the morning we took darling Tootsie and the elegant chap Harry. Now fundraising can be abit boring if you are a dog, and if you are outside a pet store where lots of pets are going in and out, in can be a little frustrating especially as dogs want to say hello to other dogs.

We were ready for this though ,Toots is a laid back girl with one speed (Toots speed) but Harry is an energetic chap, so there were lots of walks and short jogs to keep him entertained.

I must say, Harry was an absolute pleasure walking on the lead. His manners were impeccable, he was an absolute dream. No pulling or anything (well apart from the odd wee 😉). Now WRUK swap dogs over at events and fundraising (cos it’s not really fair to expect a dog to sit for long periods of time doing people things) and Tootsie and Harry did wonderfully.

Harry is 12/13 years old and older dogs (just like older people) can have their grumpy moments, and Harry did let us know when he was unhappy (usually because he wasn’t allowed to meet and greet ALL the pets going into the store, nosey boy that he is!) But he did take the busy morning in his stride and we were all VERY proud of him (and of course Toots). So my point… Yes Harry is refined in years, yes he can be a grumpy old man (can’t we all!) But Harry deserves a forever home. He is a lovely boy.


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