Noisy Farts.

1st October 2017.

So most dogs do the silent deadly farts, yeah you know the ones…

Nope not Rosie, now bless her at 12 years old and all the conditions she’s got you can’t really blame her but… She’s a proper trumper, loud, noisy, rolling echoes of the hills farter bless.

There’s no rhyme or reason either, sometimes she’s sleeping and it sneaks out, sometimes she’s barking or coughing and the strain forces them out.
Now she never acknowledges these trumps and even look accusingly at the people and dogs around her. I’m pretty sure she’s appalled by our laughing at her too by the way she rolls her eyes at us…

I’m also beginning to think she’s the dog equivalent to my mum, with her buck teeth and runaway farting – not that my mum ever acknowledged her bottom song either 🤣😍😎😍


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